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In addition to its unique design and innovative concept, Acqua Private Residence also boasts of having a wide range of facilities and amenities. When talking about amenities at this residential tower, The Pebble is number one on the list. This particular amenity allows residents to enjoy their own country club by the water. The Pebble alone stands 4 storeys high and measures 3,000 square meters in land area. This is the central amenity structure in Acqua Private Residences and also a visual focal point for this real estate development.

The white and modern interpretation of a smooth river stone that has a large cut in front is one of the most breathtaking works of architecture in the city. Moreover, it also consists of three waterfalls on the façade that flow into one mighty river. The Pebble is therefore the place to go for residents of Acqua Private Residences, particularly those who are looking to energize themselves or lounge. The lounge area consists of a lobby, changing rooms, spa, Jacuzzi (hot and cold), café, and a juice bar. Therefore, it is the ideal escape during the summer if you are looking for a place to relax without the need to travel to a different resort.

If you need to energize, you have plenty of other amenities to choose from at The Pebble. There is a gym in this amenity center that offers cardio equipment, weight machines, and other types of equipment you need to stay fit and active. If you are not into lighting weights or exercising, you can check out one of many multi-purpose studios in this amenity structure, which can be used for yoga, dance, or Pilates classes. Other facilities that are designed for fitness and active lifestyle include basketball court, tennis courts, cycling and boxing studio, and a climbing wall. In addition, there are two types of pool available at The Pebble: a lap pool and a lagoon pool.

Moreover, if you want to experience riverside shopping and dining at Acqua Private Residences, that is what The Riverwalk Promenade is for. It is located at the ground floor of The Pebble. This part of the development’s amenity structure took inspiration from the Clark Quay in Singapore, according to the developer. This promenade consists of an entire stretch of restaurants, designer shops, cafes, and bars. Most of these establishments are open from day to night. Hence, you can stop by anytime for a cup of coffee, a brunch meal, or satisfy your retail needs. While the location of Acqua Private Residences provide you with easy access to major shopping centers and restaurants in Mandaluyong or Makati, there is no need to go out as you can find everything you need at the Riverwalk Promenade.


  • Lobby
  • Juice Bar and Café
  • Lounge Area
  • Changing Rooms
  • Spa
  • Hot and Cold Jacuzzi
  • Cardio, Weights and Trx Training
  • Multi-Purpose Studios for Dance, Yoga and Pilates
  • Climbing Wall
  • Cycling and Boxing Studio
  • Basketball / Tennis Court
  • Lap Pool
  • Lagoon Pool
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The modern convenience and luxurious condo living experience is not just limited to the amenity centers at Acqua Private Residences. The interior design for each unit are available in two options: Acqua Escape or Cosmo Sleek. Hence, you can select the design and feel of each unit to ensure that it reflects your personal style and taste.

Your very own country club by the water

4 floors. 3000 sqm. 1 elevator ride away.

"The Pebble" is Acqua's central amenity structure and the visual focal point of the entire development. It is a gleaming white, modern interpretation of a smooth river stone with a large cut in front providing an almost window-like vista and three (3) iconic waterfalls on the façade that seemingly flow into the mighty river. It's the ideal venue where you can lounge, energize and plunge as it features fitness club facilities such as a state-of-the-art total health, wellness and fitness center, a 25-meter glass lap pool, a lagoon pool, a basketball/tennis court, and juice bar.

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